I know what you’re thinking. “A newsletter about travel during a global pandemic? I can’t even go anywhere!” Give this a 2-minute read before jumping to any conclusions.

Your Travel Mentors provides insight from travel experts that can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet. A uniquely curated and easily digestible publication of authentic experiences and travel stories, provided by experts, and delivered weekly to your inbox. The travel mentors that contribute to the content you will read have made traveling their lifestyle. These experts will deliver weekly travel inspiration, help you discover new destinations, and teach you about what makes their favorite places so special.

You’ve had wanderlust nagging at you for the past year, stuck inside with travel seemingly in your distant dreams. Subscribing to Your Travel Mentors might be the next best thing to stepping on the plane. You can’t travel right now, but you can plan for when you can! 🌴

What should I expect from a subscription to Your Travel Mentors?

You will receive a weekly email in your inbox containing travel advice backed by detailed interviews with travel mentors.

What is a travel mentor?

Travel mentors have extensive travel experience. They travel the world looking for the most fulfilling and authentic experiences out there. Some of them travel full-time. Others spend months on the road before returning home just to plan their next adventure.

As an experienced traveler myself, I have come to know many travelers who fit this description, and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. They know the parts of town to avoid, the restaurants that will make you sick, and where to go for a private view of the sunset. These small details can make or break your trip of a lifetime.

Why should I trust a travel mentor?

🌎 “They’ve been there before.”:

It’s the most popular answer to the question. These travel mentors have been there. They’ve circled the globe, seeking out all of the most cultural and local experiences along they way.

🧳 “They have a similar travel style to me.”

If you are a budget traveler and you are given travel advice about a high-end resort, chances are that advice is not for you. Your Travel Mentors provides detailed information on the travel style of each mentor so you can determine if their style matches yours.

🤑 “They aren’t biased by commission or paid partnerships.”

Advice from travelers on social networks is often based on commission or paid partnerships. Travel agents are often paid commission and the recommendations and bookings they provide are therefore backed by a reward. The mentors who provide the content for Your Travel Mentors are driven by a love of travel and genuinely enjoy sharing their experiences with others. You will walk away from your weekly email with a huge dose of travel inspiration and wanderlust.

🔑 Reputation

Travel mentors have the reputation to back up their advice. Your Travel Mentors provides basic statistics about each mentor, to show you that they aren’t just talking the talk.

What makes travel planning hard?.

“Paralysis of information”

“It’s overwhelming.

“Where do I even start?

Subscribe to Your Travel Mentors to find that “starting point” for your travel planning. Learn about destinations that you never knew existed. Gain the knowledge that you need to make sure your once-in-a-lifetime trip turns out BETTER than you expected. The information is out there, it’s just about knowing where to look.

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